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What it all boils down to.           

I can define my work really really simply, however the methods have taken over 20 years of study and experience.

I have a folder full of certificates, I attended 2 universities, and I have taken all the study and experience and morphed it into my own unique way of working.

I use skills in cognitive behavioral therapy, creative listening, attachment based mentoring, emotion coaching, mental health nursing, paediatric nursing, therapeutic practice, I use art resources, sand, Lego, glitter, feathers, clay, pipe cleaners, cars, paint, non verbal emotion is all going on!

So with these skills and resources I am helping children explore their feelings, their life experiences, I teach them tools to help manage strong emotions like anxiety and anger.

I advocate for them, helping to share their voice with the adults in their lives.

Overall though there is one fundamental thing the underpins and arches above all of this.

I am trying whole-heartedly, with all my spirit to show these kids that I completely and utterly give a shit. I desire them to know they are worthy of love, compassion and understanding and that is the basis I work from. So that is what it boils down to, I quite simply just really, really give an unconditional shit about the kids I am blessed to work with.

Oh and the rewards are massive when you see a child shake off the shame, stand up to the fear, take some control over their reactions, develop a sense of self and start to hope for a better future, it is very fulfilling. Let's break chains that bind not add more chains.

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