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The essence of you

Take some time alone, breath slowly and deeply, accept the core of your being, the essence of who you are, know that you are enough and have all the resources inside yourself to become the person you want to be. Not to change who you are but to grow into the best version of yourself.

Surrounded by social media, bombarded with unrealistic expectations and comparisons of lives we only see through a filtered lense. The pressure is so intense to do better, to be better, we can be sucked into the unhealthy coveting of the fake lives we see on our screens. They are fake not because people lie but because they are a misrepresentation of a complete person. They are merely a one dimensional aspect, a shiny slither of life, not in full context and not a whole truth.

If we try to live up to these glimpses that we see we can end up living our own versions of the emperor's new clothes story.

All of this can make us feel we must change ourselves to be good enough, to be accepted, respected, successful and happy. To be loved even.

I dont want to work with people in a way that changes the essence of who they are, I want to engage with people initially to explore the person that they are, their strengths, their unique characteristics and from a place of self acceptance we will move forward to grow from their core, with solid foundations until they become more, the best version of themselves.

You don't need to be defined, pigeon holed, you don't need to align who you are with others. You don't need to be contained or stereotypical. Embrace the uniqueness of you, live your story with abandon. Accept your flaws and work with them to achieve your heartfelt dreams.

Be kind and respectful to others but do not live your life worrying what people think of you, trying to please others. Act kindly because it is your hearts desire not because you want approval.

Accept yourself unconditionally, be love yourself, believe in yourself and watch how you grow.

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