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Sunday Morning Bucket Filling

Today I'm feeling thankful that I'm part of a loving family. We're a little unconventional in some ways, we're a blended family with children coming and going between parents but we have a whole lot of love going on. We also have a dog living the high life with lot's of attention!

As long as children know they are loved and feel secure then they have a solid foundation on which to go out and explore the world.

In this day and age families come in all shapes and sizes, we're not all the model Mum, Dad and 2.4 children. There's no need for guilt or shame if we don't fit that box. If, like me you are just trying to love and support the people in your life, your tribe, then know you are good enough. Don't compare your life to someone else's, don't pay heed to other's perceptions of you. Take what you have, do what you can and be thankful, that's working for me!

We are a bucket filling family and we are always trying to fill each others buckets, we try not to dip into anyone else's bucket and by being aware of this we all seem to have buckets that a pretty full of good feelings.

You see the theory is we all carry invisible buckets where we keep our good feelings, when we fill someone else's bucket by being nice to them our own fills up too.

When our buckets are running low we might try and dip into someone else's bucket to fill our own but that never works, it leaves our bucket even more empty.

So in my tribe we've all learnt to be bucket fillers and that works well for us.

Why not give it a try, start seeing everyone as having an invisible bucket and get filling, you'll soon notice how full your own bucket of goodness is getting.

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