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Creativity takes the courage to dream.

I can clearly envision the future that I am am creating, I can see the path that I am taking to get to my destination. Let me paint you a picture using the power of my imagination so that you can walk with me a while.

I am journeying along a stone pathway, either side of me are flowers and trees,the sun is warm and a gentle breeze dances over my skin. I feel a sense of peace but also an inner drive to travel my path.

The journey is full of enjoyment and wonder at the breathtaking beauty around me. I pause now and again to just inhale deeply, I smell the salty essence of the sea and one of my favourite aromas, jasmine lightly tickles my nostrils.

As I traverse my path I am happy in my own company, I know this expedition is my story, but I also know it is not my only narrative, it is part of so much more. On the other side of a thin veil is the rest of my story, there is another beautiful place full of my loves, my treasured people and I can skip over to that wonderful place at anytime.

I am blessed to have the support and help of a beloved who boosts my confidence, is calm and wise, someone who empowers me to believe that I am capable of great things. When we have the backing of someone who believes in us we can reach for the stars.

My destination leads me to a place where I am working with people, young and old, to awaken their own hopes and dreams, to be supporting, encouraging and enabling them to achieve things they thought were impossible. My destination is to use my key to unlock the brilliance and potential I know is inside all of us.

The journey I am taking at the moment is the creation and building of a way in which to carry out my work, I have completed more training in therapeutic practice, I have built a website explaining the ways in which I can work, coaching, training, workshops etc I am still building my board game, it's three dimensional with a wise old bonsai tree at it's heart. I am constructing video explainers and really enjoying doing new things, things I never thought I could do.

As I progress down my path, creating my business 'The Way to Well-Being' I feel excited by the future, I am enjoying the journey. I feel enthusiastic at the possibilities that I am creating.

We all need to be able to dream, to hope and to see how we can bring those dreams into reality. I will continue to hold the final destination in my head. The place where my stories become one.

I know that my current journey will culminate with the veil between my stories lifting entirely as my path joins up and leads into a new place of wonder

I see a white cottage by the sea with bright blue windows, my Loves are all there, I have a rose garden, a vegetable patch, a big fire pit surrounded by cushions. I am enjoying my journey, but oh how I will be filled with gratitude and joy when I reach my destination, my home by the sea with my dear ones.

Dare to dream, then start your journey with The Way to Well-being!

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