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Be a hope peddler.

When you've overcome challenges, when you've picked yourself up and dusted yourself off, when you've stood against afflictions and overcome them then you understand in your very essence that there is always hope.

You then my friend can go out there peddling your very own kind of magic. You can be a 'hope dealer'.

By spreading your message of hope, by empathizing, by treating others kindly, by teaching, encouraging, supporting and helping people to tap into their inner resources you enable growth and positive change. Your life is having a positive impact of others and you are a blessing and a joy to society.

At the other end of the scale we have the life suckers, those people who allow bitterness to overwhelm them. They have not overcome past afflictions, they feel like it is their right to suck the joy out of others because they are joyless. They often are in disguise, they lure you in then boom, you leave a conversation and you feel deflated, you feel low. That my friend was an audience with a life sucker.

I have learnt that we cannot argue, reason or try to change one of these unfortunate people. They must come to a place themselves of self recognition and seek support to change. What we must do when we can identify a life sucker is keep our boundaries strong and use the power of avoidance.

Don't give someone else the power to knock your confidence and steal your joy. Keep your hope strong, then you get on out there dealing your hope to anyone you can!

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