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About The Way to Well-being

Who We Are

The Way to Well-being advocates for the rights of children and young people to receive positive support improving their emotional well-being in order for them to achieve their academic potential and have good emotional health.  We believe passionately that children and young people should not be held back due to negative life experiences and lack of support. 

Through positive relationships, teaching tools, exploring coping strategies and increasing social skills, we have seen children flourish and grow. They grow from a place of problem behaviour or unregulated emotions, to be positive members of their school community and able to cope and overcome challenges.

We also work with adults, we find grown-ups are just slightly larger versions of our original clientele so we offer life coaching and workshops to empower people to overcome hurdles and learn skills to manage their emotions.

Finally, The Way to Well-being offers courses in Stress Management and mindfulness tailored for both adults and children.


The Way to Well-being

Exceeding Your Expectations

The Way to Well-being has earned a positive reputation going out of our way to provide a truly exceptional service to the schools that we work in partnership with. We understand that the needs of children are unique and we respect each child's individuality. We tailor each workshop to achieve the best results for your school and the children within it.

We also offer a bespoke service to families where parents engage our support, we take great care to understand the needs of the child or young person and offer tailored support in 1:1 sessions. 



Next Level Service

Improve social skills, resilience, the ability to manage emotions whilst encouraging kindness.

Happy Kids Huddle

Dynamic workshops

Here For You

We build positive relationships to improve  emotional well-being.

Technology at School

Integration rather

than exclusion

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our workshops help children overcome problems and fulfill their educational potential.

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