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Back to school workshop

What unprecedented times we have found ourselves in. These have truly been uncharted waters we have been navigating.

The Way to Well-being is offering a workshop run over 3 sessions for children and young to explore their emotions regarding "lock-down" and how they feel about returning to school. Hannah will support this therapeutic work and offering strategies to cope with returning to school.

Hannah has continued to support children in school through this time and is informed with all the up to date Government guidance so understands fully what school is like for children at the moment.

These sessions will be one to one sessions carried out in Hannah's home, The Way to Well-being HQ, we will sit either end of a large dinning table, in a well ventilated room. Each surface is thoroughly cleaned before and after use. You will be emailed a copy of paperwork, dbs check, insurance, consent form etc. Each child will have their own work pack which they will keep.

If you would like to reserve a place for your child please book here and then we will co-ordinate and book the 3 sessions in at a mutually convenient time.

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