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Well-being training

Please get in touch to find out course availability.

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Stress Less

One day course

•Discover what stress is
•Explore the effects of stress on our bodies and minds
•Analyse the areas in your life that are causing you stress
•Healthy striving vs perfectionism
•Learn how to problem solve taking action to reduce stress wherever possible
•Build a tool kit of techniques to help reduce stress
•Explore how to look after yourself, manage relationships and manage time to create a healthy balance.


half day course

•Identify key mindfulness skills used to reduce stress and enhance mental wellbeing.
•Use some aspects of mindfulness
• Discuss some of the key uses of mindfulness
• Consider some of the benefits of mindfulness
• Identify your own future needs


Bounce back

One day course

Learn to transcend hardship, change course and move towards your goals.
We will help you understand Grit and resilience and apply these skills to your life.

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